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Name, Surname: Alfredo Raul Portillo
Date of Birth: 30.05.1966

Place of Birth: La Plata, Buenos Aires Argentinien

1976 Complete of degree of teacher for harp at the conservatoria “Russo Spícoli-Lanus“, Buenos Aires
1980 Apprenticed classisc harp at the conservatoria “Gillardo Gillardi”, Buenos Aires
1988 Study as music teacher „Bellas Artes“, Buenos Aires


1976 Start of his artistic career: numerous performances in various radio stations, TV an famous theatres of Buenos Aires.

1979 Nomination as „child prodigy“ of the city La Plata., Buenos Aires.

1983 Winner as soloist at the national youth-contest of “Excellent Artists“ of the Rotary Club, Florencia Varela, Buenos Aires

1984 Institution of a professorship for harp and 1988 for canto and orchestra at the house of cultures and arts, Florencia Varela, Buenos Aires

1990 Join the symphonic police-orchestra of the province Buenos Aires, with brilliant performance as soloist in harp and percussion.

In 1992 he moves to Berlin, Germany.

Artistical Success in Germany:

In cooperation with exceeding artists in Berlin he learned the folkloric repertoire“Musica Llanera Colombovenezolana”, „Música Jarocha“ from Veracruz, México and various cubanic rhythms.

1992 Founder of the latin-american band “Época“

1999-2002 Participation at the russian musical “Balagan” – on tour in numerous theatres as “Fliegende Bauten” Hamburg, Sylt, “Tipi, das Zelt” Berlin, Stadttheater Lörrach, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, etc.

2003-2004 Different performances as soloist in german radio- and TV-programms – “Deutsche Welle”, „RBB Berlin“, “ZDF Hansetreff Hamburg”(2004/ 2005/ 2006)

Various gigs in concerts as e.g. at the „Konzertsaal Berlin“ – „Deutschlandhalle Berlin“ – „Deutsche Oper Berlin“ and in innumerables small theatres and festivals in Germany.

2003-2006 As soloist for harp/ Percussion in cooperation with the „Ensemble Nelegatti”: Representation of the „Misa Criolla“(Ariel Ramirez) in the Philarmonie of Munich – Liederhalle Stuttgart – Passionskirche Berlin – Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin

2006 Nomination of „honorary citzen“ by the municipal council of the city Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires.